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Canon Professional DSLR Digital Cameras Error codes Solutions

Peshawar, Pakistan
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    11 Sep 2014
IMPORTANT If the following errors keep appearing, there may be a serious problem with the camera. Write down the error code and consult our service center for proper diagnosis. Error codes shared by nearly all EOS digital SLR bodies includeâ?¦ Err 01: Lens to body communication error The camera to lens communication is somehow being interfered withâ?¦ could be a problem within the lens itself, possibly the camera body. Err 02: Memory card error There is a problem with communication between the camera and memory card (again, could be within the camera, or the card), or the camera has detected a different error of some sort with the card. Err 05: Built-in flash obstruction The camera detects that the built-in flash has not reached its normal, raised position for flash shooting, and is halting operation until the obstruction to the flash is cleared, or the flash is pushed back down to its OFF position. This error message wonâ??t appear on cameras like the EOS 5D series, which have no built-in flash. Err 20: Mechanical malfunction Within the mirror, shutter or aperture mechanism (most likely), some sort of disturbance, error or lock-up has been detected. This error code doesnâ??t specify where the exact problem is, but points to the cause being mechanical rather than an electronic gremlin. Err 30: Shutter malfunction Unlike Error 20, this one does point to some sort of problem with the shutterâ?¦ it could be either a mechanical problem, or some sort of electronic communication error. Err 40: Power source malfunction An internal error in getting power from the battery to some part of the camera has been detected. Most likely, itâ??s not a simple weak battery, although of course a battery error is a possibility. Err 50: Electronic control malfunction Unlike Error 20, which points to something mechanical, this one reports to the photographer that some sort of electronic error or interference with internal communication is occurring. However, it does not specify any further what or where the exact source of the malfunction may be. We at Ittihad Digital Cameras can solve both software and hardware issues whatsoever of your DSLR professional cameras at our best. We're professionals, Need to upgrade your camera's firmware version please seek our help. Views: 289